Rebecca Lynn Dash is an artist currently working out of Durango, colorado.

Rebecca paints in the 'mische technique'; a method of layering oil glazes with egg tempera developed by German/Flemish Renaissance masters. Though her academic background is in the study of history, she has always created art and studied independently. Primarily self-taught until the age of 24, her work leapt forward after taking Phillip Rubinov-Jacobson's Old Masters seminar outside Vienna. She has since delved further into the techniques of the old masters as well as studied color and anatomy at the Gage Academy of Art and worked independently with the masterful and kind Hamid Zavareei as a mentor. 

The luminosity, subtlety, and fine detail yielded from working in the mixed technique allows Rebecca to communicate themes important to her work.  She does not identify with a particular 

genre or movement, but subjects visited frequently include history, myth/folklore, literature, science (especially physics/astrophysics), feminism, & personal story. Ideally, Rebecca likes to interlace elements of several of these subjects to create a strong allegorical narrative with the possibility of varied interpretations by the viewer. 

Stories and the ways in which humans have communicated with one another (individually, as groups, and how we have tried to understand the world) inspire her more than visuals. Unavoidably, most pieces are autobiographical in some way, but she would prefer the viewer to take their own story or interpretation from the allegory of the piece rather than hers. She often implements facets of surrealism, but only ever in service of symbolism/ narrative and never for the sake of eccentricity.